Photography & Film Making

Short Documentary Films

To enhance the look and feel of a website/app, images, sound, animations or visual clips are embedded in the design to appeal the user. But to use multimedia in your product is highly risky. We know where and when you need these features in your product. Visual weight conveys the importance of a particular section of the product. These are sensitive add-ons for your product and we ensure their correct usage. The brand, taste, culture and requirement decide the correct usage of multimedia in websites/apps. As technology is being accessible to more and more people around the world, its easy to talk in visuals rather than words because a picture is worth a thousand words. We target your market with these features in your products to attract users from varying cultures and tastes.

Documentation photography

Finding new forms, colours, dynamic ranges, distortions, and possibly even a combination of all of these is what creative photography is all about. Impressive imagery can be inspired by creative photography.

We cover Goverment Events, Melas along with Corporate events.

Pre Wedding photography

An opportunity to craft your eternal love into a masterpiece. before the wedding bells ring, a way to unwind. With your life partner, you dance merrily across the cameras. Isn’t that an accurate portrayal of a fairytale?

As fantastic as it may sound, that’s what we’re here to do. Always thrilling is the brief window of extra enjoyment before the wedding.

Thus, why wait ???

wildlife photography & Films

We do professional documentation of wildlife in a particular area or territory. We have done many PBR’s for GoWB. Also, we do wildlife films and feature films by experienced wildlife experts and nature lovers.

Latest Work

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Photo Stories

Documentary Photography & Videography

Few Showcase of works


We have done virtual tours from 360-degree panoramas.

Virtual Mukutmanipur

Virtual Bishnupur

more coming soon...

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