Web & Application Development

Full-stack Web Development

Producing highly marketable end-to-end solutions, the developers at Rural Dreams give you a complete package. Whether it is the front end, back end, database management, or a whole project from scratch to end, everything is done under a single platform. We have expertise in various departments of Web/Application Development. From the point of laying the foundation of a website to its final finished form, our developers are capable of doing it with excellence.

Responsive Web & App DESIGN

Rural Dreams understands what is meant by the complexity of simplicity. Though websites do hold their key importance in the industry, today people are engaged more and more with their mobile devices. In web graphics, we have quality web content that includes all the relevant information with perfect graphic elements to appeal to the user. Our clear, concise and easy-to-navigate website designs with less loading time ease customer engagement. On the other hand, mobile app designs are goal-driven. As less is more, we create readable and comprehensive designs while maintaining the flow of the app. We try to lessen the cognitive load on the user during the process of designing. We limit the content and UI to a minimum level by progressive disclosure in our designs. We anticipate user needs through focused research and this way we maintain the perfect level of content quantity per screen. Simple, elegant yet user-oriented designs keep the user motivated for a longer time.

Rich User Interface

We develop clear, concise, and intuitive designs to target your specific audience. Designers at Rural Dreams design for people and our developers develop it with intricacy. Designs are created according to the taste and versatility of your brand. i.e. color schemes, buttons, pictorial elements, etc. Every website/app is responsive, device-independent, and forgiving for people; leaving space for making mistakes by the user. Consistency in designs is an important feature while designing any app. Keeping in view the future enhancements or scaling up, we keep it lightweight so these are quick loading for any device to enhance user experience.

Clean Architecture

The development process at Rural Dreams revolves around the principle of “separation of concern.” Different layers of the project are present logically separated so that any changes or upgrades in one department does not affect the other. There is low coupling and implementation details are kept independent. UIs, business logic and data layer exist independently to avoid any mess in the architecture. Clean architecture is responsible for the project’s high-level testability to deliver flawless products. Developers at Rural Dreams pay full attention to clean architecture and this architecture is easily understandable, ensuring any advancement or maintenance without difficulty.


Creating a secure system for your business is of crucial importance in the development process. Different security issues are dealt with differently as per the needs of the system. There are numerous security threats including DoS, Cross-Site Scripting, Injection flaws, broken authentication, insecure cryptographic storage and many more. Businesses are quite concerned about the security of their website/app. Developers at Rural Dreams know how to tackle the vulnerabilities of a system with efficacy. Various checks for incoming data or using encryption techniques for security are a few of them. We use a mix of automated tools plus manual audit to check any security issues in the product and ensure secure and safe systems for your business.

Glimpse of our Recent Creativity

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Suite Of Technologies

You let us know your business requirements and we let you know the technologies best suited for that.

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